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A Few Words From Our Valued Patients

At Delta Chiropractic Center of Lansing, we measure our success on what our patients say about our treatments and customer service.

That commitment to excellence has positioned us as an industry leader over the last 30 years for chiropractic and wellness treatments. Read what some of our patients have said about our proven approach to helping our neighbors realize a higher standard of active living.

Dr. Roost is a very knowledgeable and friendly doctor. His staff are always looking for ways to better serve their patients. Delta is a great place to help you get your body back on track and help you feel healthy again!Paul S.
Dr. Dail is an amazing practitioner! Not only does he use top of the line, cutting edge equipment, but he is very personable and caring as well. The staff here makes sure you’re informed about your care, as well as the plan to make you healthy and bring you back to your A game. Each treatment plan, and exercises are tailored to your needs! No upselling gimmicks or cook book medicine here! Make sure to ask about their massage services as well!Kory R.
Dr. Roost and Dr. Dail and the rest of the team have never failed to be encouraging and helpful to my family and I! Never have I had a complaint! I especially appreciate the prayers that they say for us. They always give the best care. Thanks, Doctors!Joanna G.
My back always feels better when I leave Dr. Roost’s office. I highly recommend this Chiropractic Office.Mary H.
I’ve been a patient for a short time, but the results so far are wonderful. My husband recommended Dr. Dail and I am so thankful. Pleasant and helpful staff are exceptional.Kathy E.
I took my daughter to Dr. Daily. She had colic and just a few adjustments helped so much!! Everyone there was super friendly. I definitely recommend Delta Chiropractic.Stacey M.
I came to Delta Chiropractic Center after 3 back injections and almost having back surgery. After a few visits with Dr. Dail, I feel great! Dr. Dail and the entire staff are so nice and accommodating! Would definitely recommend them!Karen W.
I was in excruciating pain and they got me in the same day and I wasn’t even a patient yet. They are very caring, thorough and treat you as if you are their friend. Dr. Roost explained everything he was going to do and why. On my next visit he went over my X-rays and tests and had a plan of action for me. Love it there and love the staff.Rita H.
The place is great. I came here with neck and back pains. Dr. Dail looked into lot of details and came up with a plan and its been 3 weeks and I am feeling lot better already. I would suggest this place if you are spiritual and believe in healing!Sriram G.
In the past, I have been to tense to have any chiropractic work done, with a fear it would permanently damage my spine. After experiencing excruciating pain from a flipped rib, I finally went to my husbands chiropractor, Dr Dail. I was pleasantly surprised with the Pro-Adjuster tool he used for my treatment. For the first time ever, I was not scared, and not too tense to have an adjustment, so my rib is now back in place with no pain.The tool made all the difference in the world. I now look forward to my visits there. Dr Dail and the staff are great!Karla S.
The second day I walked in for an appointment, I was already greeted by name. They ask about classes and are very welcoming. This facility offers both manual adjustments and adjustments with a tool called a pro adjuster. Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions. Please be as open minded as the people here are about your health. They believe in healing in many ways, from oils, massage, and nutrition, to smiles, kind actions, and religion.Randy M.
The staff and doctors at Delta Chiropractic are simply the best! They care about you and always make you feel welcome! Dr. Roost keeps me “straightened out!!”Marilyn O.
My husband and I are both patients of Dr. Dail. He helped my husband to get rid of his terrible migraines that lasted for months and helped me to mend my bad back! Thanks Dr. Dail.Jenna K.
I was having terrible lower back pain and a friends sister referred me to Dr Roost at DCC. I have been going for about a month now with good results. These people care about you and your health and back. High tech. equipment used to give you the best adjustment possible. I am so thankful that I was directed to this caring, friendly, professional and honest business! Definitely the cream of the crop!!! You won’t be disappointed!!Renee A.
I am very pleased with my visits to Delta Chiropractic Center. Everyone there is very friendly. My appointments are always on time. Dr Roost has been very helpful with my back problems. Along with exercise and adjustments I am doing much better. I want to thank Dr. Roost for his expert care.Agnes T.
When I (barely) walked into Delta Chiropractic, I was unable to stand, sit, or walk without pain. They immediately greeted me with kindness and obviously cared about my well-being. Within just a few visits with Dr. Dail, I was already seeing improvement. Together, we discussed a plan for my treatment and how I can best take advantage of their services to improve and maintain my spine health going forward. I cannot recommend this team enough. They take a genuine interest in your health and are absolutely fantastic to work with. And, they even get to know you well enough to be able to greet you personally when you walk through the door! If I could give them 10 stars, I would!Ashley N.
When you walk in, you are met with friendly, caring people who want to help you. I entered in pain and was helped through a “no-nonsense, lets get to the bottom of your problem approach” including life-style choices, and not just a “here- take this pill” approach. I needed to hear all of it! There is much material available to you to help understand and train you to a better understanding of spinal and whole body health. Thank you folks for all you do!Jim J.
Our family have been patients of Dr. Roost for several years and have always had positive experiences. Both Dr. Roost and his staff are very friendly and their office is a very comfortable environment. We’re happy to give them five stars.Jim Annis
Dr. Roost has been my chiropractor for about 20 years or so. He knows exactly how to treat you. A couple of months ago I was having a very bad pain in my neck. I went to see Dr. Roost and within 2 treatments I was feeling good again. I would highly recommend Delta Chiropractic Center of Lansing to anyone. They are very caring and friendly people.Phyllis H.
It is very easy to provide Delta Chiropractic Center with a 5 star rating. In every aspect excellent service is provided from the phone, to the counter, to the treatment room to interaction and adjustment from the doctors. I’ve been seeing Dr. Roost for over five years and highly recommend the practice to others who are looking for a holistic approach to caring for their health.William B.
Fantastic! I drive up from Mason to get adjusted here. Only place in the area that has a Pro Adjuster!! Staff is super friendly and accommodating. Best experience. If you have any kind of back or neck pain, definitely check them out. Couldn’t be happier.Stephen L.
I have been to other chiropractors in the past, and Dr. Roost & Staff are the perfect fit. There is no high pressure selling as I have had other chiropractors attempt, but yet they offer a wide variety of services, workshops and products to take advantage of. I have been going for the past 3 years, and don’t intend to quit – mentally and physically I feel so much better!Kathy M.
Each time I am greeted with a friendly smile and welcome. The staff goes beyond making sure my medical needs are met. They take interest in whats happening with my life. They often ask about whats new for my family and I.Kimberly W.
I have not had an injury, but I did not realize how much my bones and muscles and fibromyalgia needed help! I could not do what I do without visiting Dr. Roost regularly. Delta Chiropractic Center is like going to church…I leave feeling better inside and out! I love just sitting in the lobby being greeted by such friendly, helpful staff. I love reading the wonderful selection of books, but I never get to wait long enough to finish my reading. I am extremely thankful to have found Delta Chiropractic!Terri G.
Delta Chiropractic Center exhibits great care and professionalism in a relaxed atmosphere. Each client receives individual attention. I have never felt rushed even when asking questions. Also, the supplements are good quality reasonably priced. I recommended Delta Chiropractic Center to anyone considering chiropractic care.Carole H.
There are two main reasons that I come to Delta Chiropractic Center:
  1. I am a big believer in consistent chiropractic care. I have seen over and over the benefits of keeping your spine healthy.
  2. Dr. Roost and Dr. Dail are the best at what they do I trust them to give me and my family the best chiropractic care possible. 
 I highly recommend that anyone who is seeking a healthier lifestyle, call Delta Chiropractic Center.Shawna S.
Delta Chiropractic has been a blessing to both my husband and I. Dr Roost has helped both of us immensely. The staff is always so friendly and we leave the office feeling refreshed and uplifted every time. Thank you for your quality care!Nicki C.
I had been experiencing a lot of pain running through my lower back all the way down my left leg and even into my foot. I received two manipulations and one manual manipulation and the pain was totally eliminated. The office staff knew me by name on the second visit and always greets me as I walk through the door. GREAT CORRECTION…..GREAT STAFF….Thank you for being there!!Larry P.
I love Dr. Roost and Dr. Dale. When I first started coming here, I had pinched nerves in my neck, couldn’t move, and was crying I was in so much pain. They started with the xrays and went on from there. I would be so much worse off and wouldn’t be able to enjoy life if not for this place! I definitely recommend it for anyone with back and/or neck problems.Kristin S.
I have been enjoying the services of Delta Chiropractic for a year. I have always been impressed by the friendly staff, and the short waiting times. Often I am called back to my appointment before I even sit down. Most importantly my back pain no longer stops me from doing the things I want to do. I recommend them highly!David B.
Great staff! You really feel cared about. Very professional. They really desire for you to live a healthy life in all areas – they don’t just want you to keep coming back to give them money!! Our backs feel great!Joshua B.
I have been seeing Dr. Roost for 25+ years. His care and treatment have always been the best. The staff is wonderful. When my husband has been in crisis mode in the past, Dr. Rule and Dr. Dail have made time to see him after hours. I know that they really care. I give them 5+++ stars!Julie F.
I have been seeing Dr Dail for years and occasionally Dr Roost. It matters not who as they are both excellent chiropractors. The staff is both very professional and cheerful when you arrive. Wouldn’t go anywhere else…James H.
Dr. Roost and his team are great!!! My wife, 6 month old son and I all are patients. We love the pro-adjuster option and feel great after our visits. We switched to this practice over another Lansing Delta Township practice when the other practice removed privacy from their chiropractic care when they added their exercise wellness center. This is a great practice for anyone who is leery with chiropractic care and the cracking noise as it is non-existent with the pro-adjuster.Joshua F.
I have been a patient of Dr. Roost for over 15 years. Over the years he has treated me for some serious back problems and also neck problems. His treatment has been very helpful and successful. I am so thankful for all of the people who work at Delta Chiropractic Center – they are awesome.Joni S.
Dr Roost is AWESOME. He listens better than any other doctor I have ever been to. He truly cares for his patients and provides amazing care. He is a man of incredible character and he lives out his faith every day.Scott H.
I’ve been a patient at this Center since November 2013. I see Dr. Dail and am pleased with the Pro-adjust treatments. The staff is always friendly and easily works with me for appointments.Barbara G.
I could not be more impressed with the service I receive from Delta Chiropractic Center! As an individual who has received chiropractic services since I was 7 years old I was very hesitant when I relocated to Lansing to go to just anyone. If you are anything like me, you definitely do not want just anyone messing around with your spine. I had heard a few good things about Delta Chiropractic and so I decided to give them a try. I really can not say enough good things about them. From the very first time I walked in I immediately felt very comfortable. Dr. Dail does a wonderful job of going out of his way to treat you as a person and not just a patient. They are always very understanding and helpful when I have to adjust my appointment time as well due to my job. I would definitely recommend either Dr. Dail or Dr.Roost to anyone I know looking for a Chiropractor!!!Clorisa A.
I have had a sports injury since January 2014 and have been putting it off until I finally really needed to get help. Dr. Dail understood the amount of pain I was in. During my first visit, I felt very comfortable and relaxed with his very helpful staff. Dr. Dail performed procedures during this first initial visit and I am very happy to say the injury area felt great!. I will be doing more follow up visits at Delta Chiropractic! The staff was great and treated me with much respect!Scott O.
Dr. Dail and Dr. Roost are professional and friendly. Initially, I started going to Delta Chiropractic because of it’s location and because they were the only chiropractors in the area that use the Pro-Adjuster. This was important to me because I had recently had a stroke and there was concern that it had been caused by a vertebral tear possibly from a typical crack & pop adjustment from an osteopath. That proved not to be the case, but because of other issues, the gentle adjustment from the pro-adjuster works well for me. Dr. Dail has improved the pain level in my back and legs from sciatica and disk degeneration. His and the whole office’s upbeat mood never fails to leave me smiling.Nancy D.
Last year I could hardly get out of bed my back hurt so bad. This pain went on for days. In previous years I had seen a chiropractor for back pain but I had since relocated to Lansing. I contacted Delta Chiropractic Center and made an appointment with Dr. Roost. Through many manual manipulations of my spine and practicing special upper body maneuvers prescribed for me, I am able to move around freely and actually I am able to get back to a running routine. I credit Dr. Roost for giving me back my mobility and taking away the back pain I was experiencing. I continue to get readjustments of my spine on a monthly bases to guarantee no recurrence of the discomfort I went through a year ago. Thank you Dr. Roost!Joanie F.
I have been a patient of Delta Chiropractic Center and Dr. Roost since 2008. While I was away from his practice for a few years when I moved up north, I was anxious to get back into his care. During the years I have also seen Dr. Dail on occasion when Dr. Roost was out of town. Both of them are knowledgeable and professional, as are all of their staff.

Both Dr. Roost and Dr. Dail are deeply committed in their Christian faith and when patients are willing they will pray with and for them. At the same time, they function well with those who are not Christians or not comfortable integrating their religious faith into their public lives. I was talking to an Islamic client the other day who seemed quite satisfied and happy.

Other chiropractors I have seen used manual adjustments which make you feel like a pretzel, or activators that hit you so hard you think you will have a bruise.

In contrast, the Pro-Adjuster system that is used by Dr. Roost and Dr. Dail feels more like a massage or light tap than something intrusive. The first time I saw Dr. Roost, I walked away disappointed, thinking he hadn’t done anything useful, but then later that day I realized I felt better and later that week I realized the feeling of being aligned lasted longer with this system than it had with other systems. The maneuvers that the Drs. prescribe also help with the healing and make the healing last longer!

The staff is always friendly and helpful. I rarely have to wait more than 5 minutes to be in a treatment room and within 10 minutes of my arrival I am usually leaving again. On the very rare occasions when the wait will be longer they have coffee, tea and water available while you wait.

If you like being frustrated and not finding healing, then don’t go to Delta Chiropractic Center of Lansing, but if you love a friendly environment and a feeling of health, then you shouldn’t go anywhere else.
Kevin F.
I can’t say how much I appreciate the great preventive care I get from Dr. Roost and Dr. Dail. They keep me headache and backache free. Their office staff is friendly and professional. It’s great that I can get in, get my adjustment and get on with my day quickly. I also like that they have massage therapists on staff.Wendy S.

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