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Whole Body Vibration Therapy Lansing MI

Tone Your Body & Train Your Muscles with Whole Body Vibration Therapy in Lansing, MI

Whole body vibration therapy is a simple way of engaging and toning muscles using a machine.

During whole-body vibration therapy, you simply stand on a plate that moves under your feet like a vibration. This simple action brings micro-acceleration and gravity into play, firing muscles, and toning your whole body. Each session is about 10 minutes long.

At Delta Chiropractic Center, we pride ourselves on leveraging the newest technology to benefit your wellness. While most people are familiar with the benefits of chiropractic treatments and massage therapy, many new clients have never heard whole body vibration.

Popular with professional and amateur athletes who are training for the Olympics, this therapy can take human performance to a higher level. The vibration machine moves underneath your feet at a set pace. This effect accelerates your body against gravity with subtle movements, creating additional resistance while you’re engaged in an exercise. Studies have shown that this can improve the efficacy of your exercises by 100% to 200%!

Benefits of Body Vibration Therapy

Once the machine’s speed has been calibrated to your comfort level, there is a range of posture adjustments and motions that we will show you. All of which are proven to improve wellness. Depending on your current level of discomfort, age, and athleticism – you may begin seeing results after your first session.

We’ve had many clients who come to use with severe mobility problems, but after one session standing on the vibration machine and orchestrating a series of bends at the waist, they’re able to enhance their range of motion pain-free.

For more athletic clients who are overcoming minor soreness, usually following rehabilitation therapy – our doctors may recommend sit-ups, push-ups, or other vigorous exercises. Before performing any therapy, our doctors will conduct a 10 point screening to ensure that we’re conducting a measured approach to your treatment.

Your Whole Body Vibration Center in Lansing

Imagine a technology that increases the effect of any exercise you do by up to ten times – with no apparent increase in effort!

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is just such a technology.

The doctors and staff at Delta Chiropractic Center are dedicated to bringing the very best of care to our patients. This includes both proven techniques that have been successfully implemented over the decades, and cutting-edge technologies that are driven by computers and other ultra-current approaches to healing. WBV qualifies as yet another example of quality and technology that DCC brings to the table.

Many Olympic and professional athletes use WBV technology to improve their response to their exercise regimens, and you can us it, too, to make your maneuvers more effective than ever.

With WBV you simply stand on a platform that moves at a specific frequency under your feet. The motion imposes an amplified gravitational pull on your muscles. This makes any exercise you do on the machine (such as your maneuvers) much more impactful, doubling, tripling, up to 10 times the effect!

Typically, you will do a series of 10 sessions of 10 minutes each on the WBV unit, doing your maneuvers on the machine in the office.

If you would like a free ‘sample’ session in our office, ask your Chiropractor or the staff to set up an appointment.

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