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Discover the Source of Your Discomfort with an Advanced Foot Scan in Lansing, MI

The arches in your feet are the foundation of your skeleton, and therefore one of the most important areas to address when treating a wide range of issues, including pain in the neck, shoulders, and back.

Proper arch health is crucial for maintaining foot health, as well as maintaining a healthy spine, healthy gait and for efficient walking and running. Our foot scan procedure is a simple, inexpensive, and accurate way to evaluate your arch health.

Do I Need a Foot Scan?

Did you know that, according to the American Podiatric Association, 75 percent of Americans will experience foot health problems in their lifetime? By some estimates, up to 80 percent of the population have developed walking habits, such as overpronation, that are linked to lower back pain.

Foot health affects much more than just your feet! Structural imbalances in the feet can cause a wide range of issues, and have been linked to:

  • Lower back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Hammer toes
  • Shin splints
  • Ankle sprains
  • Hip pain
  • Patellar dysfunction
  • Hallux valgus (bunions)
  • And even toe fractures!

A foot scan from Delta Chiropractic can give you insight into the health of your feet in just minutes. We can help you prevent a lifetime of pain, or alleviate your existing pain, by getting a comprehensive picture of your foot health with our foot scan technology.

How Does the Foot Scan Work?

The doctors and staff at Delta Chiropractic Center are dedicated to bringing the very best of care to our patients. This includes both proven techniques that have been successfully implemented over the decades, and cutting-edge technologies that are driven by computers and other ultra-current approaches to healing. Computerized Foot/Arch scans and evaluation is another example of this philosophy of excellence.

The arches of the human foot are crucial to the stability of the skeleton, and to the spine, particularly. They form the foundation of the skeleton, and also function as shock absorbers when we walk, run, or jump.

There are three arches in each of our feet, and just like leaf springs under the bed of a truck, they must have room to ‘give’ when our heels hit the ground.

If our arches are compromised, there is no longer any room for that ‘give’ and the shock of heel hitting floor is transmitted up the shaft of the legs into the knees, hips and spine, which are not designed to take such jolts. This causes damage, resulting in a host of biomechanical problems that end up requiring invasive intervention like knee surgeries, hip replacements, and disc surgeries.

Our “Foot Leveler” scan will detect arches that are compromised long before the damage is done, your Chiropractor can then offer non-invasive options to correct the issues.

If you have not had a scan done recently, ask your doctor or the staff to schedule one. They take only about 5 minutes, and we do these free for our patients.

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