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Imagine walking away from an accident with debilitating back or spine pain that prevents you from making new memories with loved ones or even basic tasks of daily living.

While falls and other severe trauma can cause discomfort and loss of mobility, there are lifestyle factors that can erode our spinal health over time. The doctors and licensed professionals at Delta Chiropractic Center have experience solving wellness challenges throughout all stages of life.

Are you looking for an experienced Chiropractor who can eliminate your pain quickly and safely? Do you want to know if chiropractic care is the right solution for you? Delta Chiropractic Center of Lansing combines the newest technologies with traditional treatments to find your problem. After assessing the root cause of your ailment, we can use computerized adjustments to fix your issues precisely.

We also offer you a free 10 point spinal health screening so that you will be able to determine if we can help you – before you spend any money. If you have been searching for a chiropractor, then you are about to discover why Delta Chiropractic Center is one of the most trusted chiropractic clinics in Lansing.

Benefits of Neck & Lower Back Adjustments

Enhancing Activities of Daily Living – Whether it’s bathing and dressing at the beginning of the day or cooking dinner at night, your daily tasks can be impeded by debilitating pain or a lack of mobility. These obstacles can equate to missed opportunities to make beautiful memories with family and friends, considering that even driving in your vehicle can become a struggle that prevents you from attending social events. An additional side-effect of crippling spine, neck, and back pain is that the resulting lack of activity can lead to weight gain and other ailments. Delta Chiropractic Center is versed in treatments that help you realize tangible, lifestyle enhancing results.

Improving Emotional Well-being – While pain and the very real, negative impact it has on your lifestyle is disheartening, there’s an emotional component to spinal conditions that can’t be quantified. Those frustrating moments when our body doesn’t function as it once did can eventually lead to depression and substance abuse. Unfortunate consequences like these will not only lower your quality of life but also affect important people in your life. That’s why it’s important to partner with Delta Chiropractic Center for improving your emotional well-being once symptoms begin.

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