Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy Lansing MI

Stimulate Deep Tissue Healing with Cold Laser Therapy in Lansing, MI

Cold Laser Therapy is a safe and effective treatment that Delta Chiropractic Center of Lansing offers.

This treatment program quietly stimulates healing tissues deep below your skin. It utilizes the correct light wavelengths and power-levels to penetrate and put your mitochondria to work during your healing process.

As a local, award-winning source for non-invasive wellness treatments, Delta Chiropractic offers a combination of treatments that address the root causes of your pain and discomfort. When joints do not heal properly, our doctors may recommend cold laser therapy.

Cold laser instrumentation stimulates healing on a cellular level by triggering mitochondrial actions within your body. This process is especially effective for patients who’re struggling with arthritis and similar joint ailments.

How Cold Laser Therapy Works

The process begins with your 10 point consultation where we will discuss your level of pain, the situations when it arises, and what types of treatments you’ve attempted in the past. This assessment paints a complete picture of your wellness profile, equipping our doctors to recommend an informed course of action.

Once our doctors have located your pain, they’ll apply a conductive gel to your skin before operating the cold laser tool over the area. This painless, electro-muscle stimulation is difficult to sense for most patients. Again, this is a non-invasive procedure that can be a vital component of a routine wellness program.

Barb: A Cold Laser Testimonial

Your Cold Laser Therapy System Center in Lansing

The doctors and staff at Delta Chiropractic Center are dedicated to bringing the very best of care to our patients. This includes both proven techniques that have been successfully implemented over the decades, and cutting-edge technologies that are driven by computers and other ultra-current approaches to healing.

Our cold laser therapy system is an example, and is rated among the very best of these technologies.

Cold laser therapy stimulates healing at the cellular level, inputting safe light waves into damaged tissues at a frequency that shifts the healing work-horses of the cells into higher activity.

Mitochondria are the energy machines of the cells, and cold laser prods them into pumping out extra energy that will be used for healing.

This safe procedure supports the Chiropractic adjustment by telling the muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves that it is time to heal, and safe to heal.

Typically, cold laser is prescribed for tissues that are slow to heal, and is used in a series of 7 to 10 applications of about 3 – 5 minutes each.

Ask your Chiropractor, or the front desk staff for more information.

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