The One Ring

You remember the Hobbits and the Lord of the Rings?

The One Ring

There were a series of magical, powerful rings (13 or them?) that gave great powers to whoever wore them. And there was One Ring that gave the wearer power over all the others, and bound them all under the will of that person.

I have a “One Ring”, and so do each of you.

No, not my wedding ring, though that does bind together the hearts of Judi and I.

The One Ring that I’m referring to is the one power of human physiology that controls all the other systems. The nervous system.

The brain, by means of communication through the nerves of the spine, sends messages to all the organs and tissues of the body. The body communicates back to the brain by parallel nerves, sending messages up the spine to let the brain know how it’s going out there in the fingers, toes, skin, guts, heart, and immune system.

Thousands and thousands of messages running at the speed of sound up and down those nerve pathways. Amazing, Intricate. Truly a beautiful system!

But that system can, and often does, get interrupted by subtle misalignments of the bones in your spine. This scrambles the messages being sent back and forth, and the result is anything from simple pain, to complicated upsets in your health – impacting your immunity, digestion, energy levels and more.

Our Team

Our goal, at Delta Chiropractic Center, is to find and reduce those misalignments so you can get your health back and feel and function as well as you were designed to.

We aim to get you well as fast as possible, stabilize your spine, so that you stay healthy, and equip you to fight effectively against all the viruses, traumas and stresses that life tosses at you.

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