Them bones, them bones…

As you know, we Chiropractors work with the nerves by correcting malfunctions in the joints – particularly the joints of the spine.

As you also know, the body is AMAZING in its complexity, function and design.

Let’s focus on the bones for a moment. The human body has 206 bones that function as protectors of the soft tissues, support for form, strength and levers for motion, and production of blood cells. Amazing!

One of the most important soft tissues that bones protect is the nerve system – the brain and spinal cord particularly.

One of the trade offs the Creator made in our skeleton is that in order for us to be able to move, there have to be joints. We can’t just have a solid one-bone skeleton, or we would be less flexible than a beetle or a robot or a telephone pole.

Interesting fact – of the 206 bones in our body, 78 of them can directly impact the function of the nerves!

And since the joints can move, they can also misalign and malfunction. This abnormal function is what irritates the nerves, causing all sorts of problems, such as back pain, headaches, neck pain, and even problems with our immune system, digestion, and energy level!

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