Balance In The Pursuit of Health

There is nothing more important than health. Money is great. Relationships are crucial. Happiness is a joy to experience. But without health, none of these things are easy to excel in, or appreciate.

So, I would submit that health is most important of all. And balance is most important in getting and staying healthy. Balance among the many complex facets of life, between 6 pillars of health, and balance within those 6 components.

Let me review:

Life facets include things like our health, our finances, our relationships, our leisure and self-care.

The six components are taught at Delta Chiropractic Center as:

Nutrition, Rest, Exercise, Spiritual Health, Stress Management, and Spine Health.

Every one of these is important, but without addressing all of them, it is very difficult – in fact, impossible – to stay healthy.

And to make it even more interesting, there are multiple components within each of the 6 pillars! For instance, within exercise there are at least 5 areas that we should work on with regularity, including resistance training, cardio, core stability, spinal balance, and balance retraining.

Within nutrition we must pay attention to grains, carbs, protein, veggies, fruits and fats.

So how do we get, or regain, or maximize our health?

You can get detailed steps to work in each of these in our book “The Reservoir of Health”, or join us as a patient! We will come alongside you to coach you in each of these areas.

Let’s grow healthier together, and let’s keep balance in our lives. Balance between health, relationships, finances, career, and our spiritual health as well.

If you would like some help, call our office at 517.321.3030, and we will find a way to help you reach your health and balance goals.

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