Aligning With God

It’s not every day that we get to take a fresh look at our life, and then make a deliberate decision to walk right by God’s side.

My Latest Book

But here it is. 35 conversations about how we can align our course with the master Navigator.

Safety, significance, intimacy with God, a calm assurance in knowing that you are waling more closely with got than ever before – these things are so sweet when they come into focus.

“Aligning With God” is a 35 day devotional that offers insights into how to live ‘tighter’ with our Maker.

Themes include topics like: Thinning the veil between us and God, Feeding the spirit, Getting the ruts out of our lives, Spiritual farming, and Focusing our efforts into effective areas of spiritual life.

I’ve written 8 books now, and I love writing! But this book was one I never wanted to write. (I don’t like reading devotionals, myself!) But God placed it on my heart, I enjoyed writing it a ton! And I hope it will be useful in your spirit and soul.

Get yourself a copy, and enjoy ways to walk more closely with God!

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