That Takes a Lot of Nerve!

You, as a wise health-savvy person, already know that your nerves control EVERYTHING that your body does.


If you saw our video on this, you understand that only sensory nerves give you immediate feedback on discomfort or pain. And, while a misalignment in your spine may impact any of the three types of nerves (including sensory, trophic and sensory nerves), only the SENSORY nerves will let you know it right away.

Everyone knows that a “pinched nerve” will be painful. But if the motor nerves or the trophic nerves are the ones that are irritated, you may not feel that for weeks or months.

This is why we often find patients with extensive spinal degeneration even though their back pain just started a week ago. The misalignments were silently present for years before they finally got to the sensory nerves, and only then did they start causing pain.

To function your best, keep your spine aligned.

This is one of the reasons we recommend regular, maintenance care for EVERYONE, even if they don’t have symptoms. This type of care includes adjustments once or twice a month, and daily, specific, gentle exercises (that we call maneuvers) to keep your spine moving right.

It’s much like getting your oil changed before your CHECK ENGINE light comes on. Or eating wisely life-long rather than waiting until you finally have serious medical issues. It’s like brushing your teeth before you get a toothache, rather than waiting for pain to tell you to tell you to take care of business.

So, to keep your nerves happy, here are four things to focus on:

  1. Get adjusted regularly to keep your nerves functioning well.
  2. Do consistent moderate exercise – motion keeps joints and nerves happy.
  3. Take the B Complex vitamins.
  4. Stay hydrated – nothing has a better impact on inflammation than water.

The payoff? Feeling well, minimizing wear and tear on your spine, healthier systems, stronger immune function, better balance and stability, and better function overall.

Join us as we pursue better health!

If you would like us to help coach you on taking care of this Most Important of systems, call us at 321-3030, and we will find a time to talk through how we can work together. Or visit us at and we will make it happen.

We are here to help you get better faster and say better longer.