Elections Come and Elections Go, but…

You voted for a president, now vote for your health!

Another election cycle has run its course. And while the outcome has been the cause of MUCH debate and consternation, the basics of life continue to be important.

At DCC we teach 6 areas of health that must be nurtured to become and remain healthy.

Nutrition – focus on veggies, and use moderation in all other areas.

Rest – four to five sleep cycles and don’t be afraid to nap occasionally.

Exercise – five components include cardio, resistance, core, spinal balance and balance retraining.

Spirit – seek a relationship with God. (I recommend using the Bible as your guide book.)

Stress – reduce stress where you can, and learn to deal with stress wisely. (My book, “Lessen the Stressin’” give practical steps.

Spine – get adjusted regularly, and be careful with excessive twisting.

I’ve given quick summaries of each one, but, as you can imagine, each one can easily be the focus of years of learning, study and effort. Our book “Reservoir of Health” goes into greater (and practical) depth on each of these.

If you would like a hand along the path toward your health, we are here to offer that.

Call us at 517.321.3030 and ask for an initial appointment. We will be happy to find a time to join your health care team.

Or visit us at www.Delta-Chiro.com Don’t let election stress rob you of your peace. Pray for our leaders, stay healthy, and look for ways to share blessings and peace with the people around you!

This is the DCC Team.
We love to team up with our patients!