Balancing a Complete Exercise Routine

A new year is about to dawn. And we are due for a turn for the better! 2021 may not be as interesting as 2020, but I pray and believe that it will be better!

You want a difference this year? Plan to make a difference this year.

A word of caution, however. If we fail to take practical steps to make sure it is a different on, it is not likely to be a better one. We are very likely to take our 2020 routines with us into the new year!

Covid has been a real problem, and we will continue to do the right things about washing, cleaning, touching, and so on. But isolation, fear, hunkering down, distrust, doubt and closing down must be left behind! These are damaging to us, individually and as a culture. We must find ways to live life while still making sure we take necessary measures to stay healthy.

Delta Chiropractic Center is invested heavily in helping you become – and stay – healthy!

So what can we do to come along side you to ensure your health? For one thing, we are able to coach you regarding ways to keep your natural immunities high. This, of course, will help ensure your health for years to come.

Here are a couple of items we would like to give you to help you become and stay healthy.

  1. Click this link to a video on a reasonable and balanced exercise plan.
  2. Click here to see a demo on our computerized, gentle, precise adjusting technique.
  3. Click here to see our video on reasonable and healthy eating. (This one is a bit lengthy, but goes into good detail on practical steps to living healthy.)
  4. Click here to get your copy of our book on simplified, improved and balanced health.
  5. And click here to get your free 10 point spine screening.

We are eager to help people return to and maintain their optimum health. That is why we are willing to give away so much of our knowledge and tools that will help you get healthy.

Let us know how we can help.

We can answer questions or point you toward helpful information. Or we can join your team as your health and spine advisor.

Call us at 517.321.3030 to start the conversation. We are happy to walk with you as you invest in your health and well-being.

We are experienced and effective at getting you healthy and keeping you there.

May your new year be healthy and happy!

Dr. Roost, Dr. Dail, and the staff at Delta Chiropractic Center.