7 of the Best Books I’ve Ever Written

Dr. Roost has 40 years of experience in the practice of Chiropractic. Over those years he has gained wisdom and insights that he has distilled into his books. Here is a brief overview of each:

 Lessen the Stressin’ is a practical handbook on how to transform stress from a destructive enemy into a life enhancing ally.

Most of us will readily admit that we have stress. Some of us will even acknowledge that it is a significant factor in our health. But some of us claim that we have no stress – and base this on the lack of feeling tense or ‘stressed out’.

But research shows that stress is unavoidable. To understand this, we must come to grips with a definition of stress that is measurable and demonstrable. And that is what we do in this book.

Because stress is everywhere, it pays for us to understand it better, and learn the practical steps that allow us to lower the stress load, and then deal with the “chemical soup” caused by stress.

Join us as we wrestle the stress tiger to the ground, tame it, and make it work for us.



You do not have to feel frustrated with a pattern of unfinished tasks, frustrated hopes or unfulfilled dreams anymore!

There is a way to join the ranks of the satisfied, to become one of the happy few who have accomplished all they want to in life.

This book will teach you six principles, applied in 15 practical steps that will take your typical goal setting from frustration and dissatisfaction, all the way to finishing what God wants you to accomplish in your life.

Here, in one book, is the knowledge of how to go from coasting to overcoming in step-by-step format.

You, too, can go from “I can’t” or “Ah, that’s good enough” – to “I did!” and a life of fulfilling achievement – in 6 clear steps.

Come with us, as we travel from Goals Set, to Goals Met!



Three key aspects of health are all yours for the taking if you take the initiative to fill the Reservoir of Health with six irreplaceable ingredients.  Awareness of these concepts, and simple steps to maintain them will result in finding, fulfilling, and maximizing your purpose in life.

Welcome! This book is one of the key means by which you may learn of and use tools to improve your health. Wherever you are starting, better health is available to you. It is our mission to help you feel better, function better, and live better. Get your copy HERE.




God’s plan is for salvation for every man. But what if we have taught only a portion of what Jesus provided for us with His life, death, and victorious resurrection? What if He paid for things just as wonderful, that we are mission out on?

What if we are living a much harder life here on earth simply because we don’t know enough to take hold of the rest of the gifts He purchased for us? What if salvation is just the beginning, and there are some “working parts” that, if used, will make our Christian lives more fruitful?

Let’s take this plunge together. Let’s live the abundant life He promised us! Get your copy HERE.



His only novel to date, Marianne tells the story of a young girl, kidnapped and taken into the evil depths of a midwestern town.

The tragedies of life are so hard. So painful. Sometimes they feel entirely senseless.

But what happens in this life is never wasted – never meaningless. For behind the scenes, a mere breath away from our physical senses, is a larger, more ‘real’ world than we’ve ever seen. Separated from us by a mere dimension is a world of conflict and deep meaning that explains ‘why’.

Why does disaster strike? Why do good people suffer? Why does tragedy find its way into the lives of even God’s people? Why does a child like Marianne become the target of an abduction? Why does this godly, innocent ‘tween’ have to endure the plans of evil men? Why does her family have to wait, knowing nothing of what she is experiencing?

The world beyond our five senses is more real, more solid, and more impactful than anything we experience here on earth. Yet we can impact, and in some ways control, what happens there.

Marianne would tell you, “Hold fast! Press on! It is worth it – whatever you are going through.”

Get your copy HERE.


Life is not easy. There are not many who would argue with this statement. Yet, the fact that life is not easy forces us to ask some critical questions and observations. Sticky questions. Questions that are sticky in the sense that, once you start trying to answer them, they drag you deeper and deeper into their gooey depths. Many of these questions concerning the meaning of life are convoluted, and lead us from one strand of reasoning to another. They can’t be separated from one another. They lead us into a maze of reasoning that is often hard to untangle. Their answers and implications impact one another in such a way that you can’t truly answer one without answering others. Sticky questions, indeed.

Enough said. Let us dive in. The waters are deep, but with wisdom lent from God, we can expect to have answers. I have selected seventeen sticky questions that seem to get asked often enough, but get answered with a shrug of the shoulder, a twist of the lip, and more questions. Often the questions are politely deflected. Sometimes the discussions quickly devolve to stony silence, if not anger and broken relationships. These are diamond hard questions. They demand answers if we hope to live our lives with consistency and meaning. The answers I will propose will be strong enough to hold up to scrutiny, and flexible enough to stand the stresses and tests of debate.  You can find your copy here.



We at the QEOL Planner would like to see everybody be prepared for “that day”. To be able to pass on peace to our loved ones and survivors.

We recognize that it goes against the grain to think about End of Life issues. It is not human nature to want to dwell on it. So we often see people trying three things to avoid the topic. And these three things do not help.

  • Waiting – None of us like to think about end of life planning. It is easy to put off the discussion, the planning, the decision making. But waiting does not help, and is a recipe for leaving stress and even chaos for our loved ones to deal with.
  • Assuming – Assuming that the issues will take care of themselves is the next path to stress and chaos. Recall the stress that accompanied the loss of someone close to you in the past. That stress does not have to be a part of your legacy. Schedule some time. Act now. Pass on peace to your loved ones.
  • Delaying – Closely related to Waiting, delaying these conversations will result in gradually mounting pressure, and the guarantee of stress being a part of the legacy you leave.

We have done a lot of the work for you in the Quality End of Life Planner. Click here to obtain your own Quality End of Life Planner.