Wrecking the system for you!

Yup, we are willing to wreck it all to find the answer for you.

At Delta Chiropractic Center we aim to find solutions to health concerns for each individual.

For instance, some come to us for help with active pain issues like back pain, neck pain, headaches and such.

Others come for maintenance of health, wanting to keep healthy and active for year after year.

Some come with concerns over ergonomics, or pains that occur from their activities like golf, swimming, exercise, or their workouts.

Some are finding chronic issues that result from old injuries or car accidents, and want help with feeling better.

And others have heard that Chiropractic care can keep them healthier, with a higher energy level, and a better immune system.


In each of these situations it is the individual that matters. There are no cookie cutter fixes that fit everyone. And we know that. So, we listen, evaluate, examine and work hard to formulate the care plan that will meet each person’s health care goals.

If you would like to find out how Delta Chiropractic can help you, call us at 517.321.3030.

Or visit us on line at Delta-Chiro.com

If that is what it takes, we will break the system to find the right answers for you.