Easing out of Covid

While there is still a good bit of fear surrounding the covid pandemic of 2020, the news is getting better. We can look at our nation and see that the stats are improving.

Some still argue about the job our governor has done in handling the crisis here in Michigan, but let’s set that aside for now and look at what to do now that we are on the downhill side of “the curve”. Here is some good news.

There was less infection than predicted.

There was less hospitalization required.

There was a lower mortality rate than predicted.

Practically speaking, what does this mean? Here are my thoughts:

Testing is expanding, and so we are seeing that the virus has spread further than we knew. That may sound like bad news, but actually it is good news. Very good news.

It means that the virus is even less dangerous, those who have been exposed rarely get symptoms, and even more rarely need hospital intervention. The mortality rate is even lower than we thought! Good news indeed!

  • Continue using wise social distancing and masking. Use these measures according to your own comfort level, and respect others concerns.
  • Continue using wise cleaning habits – wash your hands frequently, and minimize touching your face.
  • Keep your own immune system strong by taking these practical steps:
    • Take your vitamins. A good multi, C, D3, E and echinacea are the basics. If you want specific input, make an appointment for us to review them with you.
    • Get exercise, fresh air and sunshine.
    • Manage your stress level wisely. (See my book, “Lessen the Stressin’”.)
    • Get adjusted regularly. Your body can not function properly if there are misalignments irritating the nerves.
    • Avoid sugar and soda pop. These depress your immune system.
    • And pray. There is a spiritual component to everything we do, including our health. It is well worth spending some time developing that connection with God.

We are doing it, friends! We are coming out the other side of the pandemic. And we can be assured that God has good for each one of us once we get there.

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We will be happy to find a time to work together to help you get there.