How to stay healthy in this phase of the Corona Crisis – Reopening Safely

I’m going to give you a simple and clear outline for staying healthy in the Corona Crisis, but first –

Here we are, two months into the C19 crisis, and (I believe) starting to head out of it. It will take some time, and will bring with it some new challenges. We pray for wisdom for our leaders, but it is going to happen – and soon.

We, the staff at DCC, are here to help you walk through this next phase. We try to instill peace in place of fear, helpful action in place of traumatic reaction, and health in place of sickness.

So, even today, if you are hurting, call us and we will get you back on top of your game. (321-3030)

You do not need to fear. Nor do you have to be in pain, waiting for the lockdown to end. We have been deemed essential in this time, so we are open, and you can safely and legally get in to us for care.

This chapter of history has felt like a long, lonely, stressful time, hasn’t it? Yet take heart. We are going to come out of this to a new, and better, place!

Certainly, the damage done by this corona crisis has been large, and includes lives lost, jobs lost, devastated economy, closed businesses and more dissention in our nation.

But. (And I believe “buts” are very important after a negative comment like that last one.) BUT, a lot of good has come, and will yet come, out of this.

  • Families have remembered that it is good to spend time together. And we are seeing the importance of interacting face-to-face.
  • Businesses have learned how to flow with challenges that were never foreseen. And individuals are finding ways to work smarter in creative ways.
  • We have seen people and businesses set aside selfishness in refreshing acts of sacrificial help to other people. Factories retooling, distilleries making hand sanitizers, people making face masks, and so on.
  • People are recognizing the importance of ergonomics at their workstations.
  • Hearts have become softer to hear what God is trying to say, and many have found a new relationship with Him through Jesus.
  • And people are paying more attention to their need to be responsible for their own health. We are investing in our health by eating healthier, supplementing consistently, getting adjusted regularly, exercising consistently, getting outside more, learning to deal with stress in practical ways.

As we come out of the lock-down, we will take some of these good life-lessons with us into our new normal.

And that is where DCC comes in. We exist to bring our patients to a healthy satisfied experience in our office.

So, when you feel ready, we are here. We will help you with your spine, your nutrition, your exercise regimens and more.

Here is our outline of how to keep your immune system strong:

  • Nutrition:
    1. Vitamin C
    2. D3
    3. E
    4. Zinc
    5. Echinacea
  • Reduce sugar and soda pop
  • Increase water
  • Hot lemon slice tea
  • Moderate exercise consistently
  • Sunshine and fresh air
  • Regular Adjustments (1 or 2 per month)
  • Manage stress
  • Spiritual
    1. Accept Jesus’ gift of salvation
    2. Accept His protection and healing
  • Speak positive truths over yourself
  • Recognize fear when it looms, and fight it with faith, love, hope and peace

Until then, stay well, and let us know if and how we can help you.