Overcoming the Covid Crisis

Dear Friends and Patients,

I just wanted to touch base with you again to see how you are doing during these crazy days of lockdown, Corona crisis and Covid-19 fears.

Are you staying well? Staying connected? Staying sane?!

There are lots of questions out there about this new virus, and frustratingly few answers.

A patient asked me if I am afraid. My sincere answer is ‘no’. I’m not afraid for a number of reasons:

  • Just like any virus, we will ALL be exposed to this one sooner or later, just like we do to all viruses. BUT – and this is an important BUT – by far most of us will not get any symptoms from it – the same as all other viruses. And of those who do get symptoms, very few of us will get significant illness from it – just like all other viruses. Our bodies were very well designed to fight off viruses just like this one.
  • I don’t intend to downplay the significance of this virus. It is potent. But we are potenter!
  • I also don’t fear it because, I know that God has made promises in His word about taking care of us. IF we have chosen to follow Jesus as our Savior and Lord, we have protection. And if Satan gets a dirty shot in, and I die, I am going to go to heaven – a far better place than even the best this world has ever offered.
  • So take hold of PEACE. Do not give in to fear. We will get through this.

Okay, off my soap box. How about the here and now?

Take your vitamins. Drink lemon slices steeped in water. Stay rested and keep your hands washed.

Get some fresh air and sunshine. Get out and move a bit – moderate exercise.

And work on getting your stress under control. The following article (from “The Beyond Organic Doctors Team) has some good insight and a couple links of interest:

“Worry and fear are more than just unpleasant emotions.

They can actually affect your immune system.

Researchers have looked at the physiological impact that fear can have and the results are surprising.

In the same way that stress can weaken your immune response, worry and fear can also impact your physical, emotional, and spiritual health [1,2].

And the potential effects of this include things like:

  • Immune system dysfunction
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Disruption in your sleep and wake cycles
  • Digestive disorders
  • HPA-axis dysfunction, aka adrenal fatigue

So, while it’s important to stay informed when it comes to news cycles and how to stay safe and healthy, too much worry can actually make you more susceptible to illness.

On the flip side, there are science-backed ways to lower your stress response and even strengthen your immune system — all from the comfort of quarantine.

>> Turn off the news for a while and tune in to these simple (and free) tips on how to stay grounded and well, even while many of us are stuck at home.

Beyond the powerful information shared in today’s post, there are 8 additional ways to boost your immunity— backed by 33 different studies. The best part?

>> All 8 are now doable in just ONE SIMPLE STEP within 10-15 seconds each day.

I’m talking about something called CytoDefend™—a new breakthrough recently created by a trailblazing research team to help support your immunity simply and effectively. (DCC note: This is a product that they are promoting. It looks interesting to me, by I have no first hand experience with it…)
The Beyond Organic Doctors Team”


You may also find my book “Lessen The Stressin’” of interest. It can be found HERE.


Another question that has no solid answer is, “When will it all be over?”

I’ve heard everything from 3 more weeks, to 18 months! But no one knows for sure.

My opinion leans toward the shorter, and I feel that we will start moving toward a new normal in mid April. (That, however, could be just my wishful thinking…)


However long it takes, let me encourage you.

  • Stay active. (I’m getting a walk or run in every day.)
  • Stay in touch. FB and email and the phone are important tools as we stay connected. (I call at least four people each day to see how they are doing.)
  • Develop some new hobbies. Find ways to enjoy your family. (I try to include my live-in family in at least one activity each day.)
  • Get comfortable with quiet time – perhaps some time with just you and God. (I’m starting each morning with a Bible reading and a few moments of meditation on Him and His words.)
  • Keep the faith. This will end, and we will have a productive life again when it does. (I’m excited to see how this adventure turns out!)


Call us if there is anything we can do to help you, or any questions we can answer, or if you would like us to pray with you. We are still here!


Dr. Roost, Dar. Dail, and the Staff of

Delta Chiropractic Center