Fear, Stress, and Immunity from Covid-19

Wow! We live in a time of change. And just when we think we have a handle on how life is going to be different, along comes more change.

It feels as though our culture is reinventing itself over and over, every day, one day at a time. It is impossible to foresee what our world will look like once the dust settles.

It seems like some of the changes and quarantine measures are going to be an intrinsic part of our new normal.

Working from home. On-line classes. No handshakes or hugs. These things may very well slow and spread out the spike in the pandemic, but they also contribute to isolation and fear. Social Distancing is the term of the day. And helpful. Yet the isolationism built into it can be a problem. Check out THIS for some ideas.

And personally, I don’t like change. It unsettles me. I can feel my shoulders tighten as I think through how the latest news is going to require me and my office to change some more.

So stress grows. Fear smolders. Panic is set free to lead us to react in ever-spiraling circles of selfishness.

Stress and fear are known to depress our immune response. So this self-fulfilling cycle of sickness runs amok and we prove that we were right to fear in the first place. Our panic-driven hoarding was justified after all.

So it is important to wash hands, to avoid touching door knobs, to stop touching your face and to cover your mouth when you cough.

But it is also important to boost your immune system with these simple ideas:

  • Get adjusted regularly. Your nerves control your immune response.
  • Eat well, and supplement with a multi, with C, D3 and Zinc.
  • Rest well. Get your sleep!
  • Oil Pulling. Interesting idea to decontaminate your mouth (which happens to be an important portal for potential diseases) Check it out HERE.
  • Intentionally deal with stress with moderate exercise, journaling, having a pet, and doing something creative are some of my favorite methods to deal with stress.
  • Use your faith! Believe what the Bible says about His ability to protect and heal.

Recognize fear when it creeps in, and shut it down. DO NOT FEAR!

God was not surprised when the Covid-19 attacked from China. So don’t you be surprised either. God has made a cure available to you – and that cure is faith. Complete, unshakable belief that what He said, He will do.

No fear. He made you strong, and with a strong immune system. Your body WILL develop antibodies and natural immunities to this virus as you are exposed to it. Keep that system well, and you will come through this season of chaos into a better place than ever.

We at Delta Chiropractic Center aim to help you get well and stay well. Let us know if you would like to join our team in your quest for better health.