Two Steps to Living the Dream

If multi-tasking is the thief of productivity, what can we do to build our productivity?

If we lose about 10% of our efficiency with each plate we spin, what can we change to rebuild our momentum toward accomplishing our goals?

Here are two things that will help. One is a short term answer, the other is a long term answer.

First – focus. Only take on one task at a time. It helps if you break your goals down into single step tasks. That way you can get something done, set the bigger goal aside to focus on another task that must take priority, and still feel that you are making progress toward your dream life.

In my book “Goals Set to Goals Met”, I discuss how to describe your dream life by building your goals list, and then formulate a step-by-step path to each goal. You can get your own copy of this life-changing book by clicking HERE.

Second – invest in yourself. You don’t necessarily have to spend money on classes and seminars, but you do have to continue ‘sharpening the saw’ to stay ahead of your fears and negative self-talk.

Bathe your mind and heart with books, CDs, videos and, yes, seminars. Surround yourself with people who are moving on with their life, and limit your exposure to people who refuse to aim higher. Write and rehearse personal affirmations that support the truth that you are special, gifted, and meant for better than average.

We CAN overcome our past, our habits, and our wounds. We CAN improve our lives. We CAN get out of the ruts we live in.

We may not hit every goal, but we can hit a lot higher on the target than we are aiming now – if we will just look up a bit.

Focus and Invest. Two keys to breaking free of the listless monotony and numbing discouragement that has been our life for way too long.

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Get well! Stay well! Raise your sights and enjoy being who God created you to be.