3 Steps to Recover After the Holidays

The holidays are full of fun, excitement, family, traditions and joy. Good stuff!

They are also frequently a source of stress, exhaustion, busted routines and sickness. Statistics show that, due to these factors, the holidays bring an increase in depression, sicknesses and even suicide.

There’s a significant bit of sad irony there, no?

While the family times must happen, and should happen, and we need the traditions, we also must make sure to continue our self care, and take steps to return to healthy habits that may have taken a back seat during the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.

Here are 3 steps that may help.

  • Find an hour to sit down with your calendar and your goals Read through your goals list and refine the goals. Then congratulate yourself on the accomplishments, refine the rest of your existing goals, and add any new goals that you are interested in. For a bit of help with setting and achieving goals, click HERE. Next, look at your calendar.
  • Schedule your workouts in your weekly calendar. At least 3 times weekly, carve out at least 30 minutes to work on 3 areas of your physical well-being – cardio, strength training, and core stability. We have videos on each of these HERE and (in a longer format) HERE.
  • Get back to your regular eating habits. You may have decided to lose weight this year, but I’m advising you to wait for a couple weeks. Get back to your normal patterns for two weeks, and then take on the new regimens. I’m going to describe a good system in two weeks to help you with this, but for now, avoid the New Year Resolution train wreck, and settle in for a changed life.

At Delta Chiropractic Center, we love helping people return to healthy lives. If you would like us to be on your team, call us at 517.321.3030 or click HERE to get to us through our web site.

In the meantime, get well. Stay well. And enjoy your brand new year!