4 Steps To Beat Holiday Stress

We can all admit it – the holidays are full of joy AND STRESS.

Whether it is overwhelming bills, lack of sleep, busy schedules or lousy dietary habits, the tank of our resources gets drained over these days of joy and celebration. And the result of that empty tank is – STRESS.

This means that we are left susceptible to fatigue, sickness and loss. We are more likely to miss work-days, and we are less able to enjoy the very things that should give us more joy – family and our days at home.

So here are four simple things to do minimize stress and maximize resilience.

  • Eat with moderation. Keep carbs under control, and be sure to get your veggies in on your first plateful. Get your vitamins in, and add a bit of B Complex, D3 and Zinc.
  • Get some exercise in. It may not be your regular regimen, but find time to get your sweat on. A half hour of increased heart rate will usher in a corresponding decrease in stress chemistry flowing through those veins.
  • Schedule some down time.
    1. It is okay to relax a bit and to say ‘no’ to a party now and then. Our boundaries are healthy, and important.
    2. Spend some quiet one-on-one time with your pet, your favorite person, or your own self.
    3. Reflect on some simple things that you are thankful for, and direct those thankful thoughts toward God.
  • Deliberately find something to laugh about, and someone to laugh with.
  • Get your spine adjusted. The nerves control EVERYTHING your body does, so keep them flowing well by keeping your spine free of misalignment.

Okay, that’s actually five steps. But each one of them is important if you want to stay on top of your game.

Don’t let holiday stress rob you of joy and health. Take the time to take care of yourself.

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Get well. Stay well. And we will see you soon at Delta Chiropractic Center.