Planksgiving is coming to a close, but!…

Planks – who knew they would be so life impacting?!

As we receive feedback from those who have joined us in our Thanksgiving Planksgiving Challenge, we have heard of weight loss, lowered blood sugar, reduced back pain, improved balance and more! And all from a simple maneuver that you can do at home. Awesome!

And it’s not too late to join us. Go to our Face Book page by clicking here, and zip back to get the calendar and weekly video updates.

Then begin gently with front planks, add time and side planks, then back planks, and finally watch the video (HERE) that demonstrates the motion factors that step up the planks to new levels of intensity and fun.

Yes, FUN!

If the first stage that we suggest are too hard, there are step down ways to do the planks, too.

Try is leaning on a counter in stead of flat on the ground.

Try leaning on your knees rather than your feet. Or try shorter time spans and build from there.

Anyway you do it, planks are a great way to build stability in your core and your pelvis and hips.

We wish you a great Thanksgiving. If you want to join us as part of your health goals, contact us either HERE at our web site, or call us at 517.321.3030.