November! The month of football, Thanksgiving, family and PLANKSGIVING!

A couple of years ago we held a Planksgiving Challenge, and it was so fun, we decided to do it again this year.

Planks are the very best – and safest for your spine – core strengthening exercise you can do. Planks tone and trim your abs, flanks, and low back without stressing the integrity of your disks and other supportive tissues in your spine.

There are many varieties of planks, and can be adapted to fit any need. There are planks for your front, both sides and for your back. And within each of these postures  there are many varieties to keep them interesting – and even entertaining. For an entertaining video on some specific suggestions for planks, click HERE.

That video gives some examples of the various planks, with various intensities to keep it challenging as you strengthen your core. (It’s also a bit humorous as you watch me huffing and puffing my way through them!)

For our Planksgiving Challenge, we will focus on front planks, and start with simple – building up gradually through the month.

Some coaches aim for long holds – up to several minutes in duration for a single position – but I don’t agree with that. I prefer shorter holds (up to 30 seconds) and adding reps of each posture, or changing the positions up for variety. This is safer and more effective IMHO.

You can find the challenge at our face book page HERE.

We will start with simple front planks, held for 10 seconds. But watch our face book page daily for the ongoing challenges. And we encourage you to make it “funner” by responding to the challenges on that page!

The connection to Thanksgiving is to think of three things for which you are grateful – while doing your planks. Be thankful for a healthy body, and go from there.

At DCC, we love to make healthy living fun!

See you there!