HIPAA and you. It really is for your benefit.

    Through clenched teeth and raised blood pressure, we all experience HIPAA laws. As health care recipients (patients) we experience it as a handful of papers to read and sign at our doctors’ offices.

As health care providers, we experience it as more paperwork and a long list of rules to follow – with large penalties (thousands of dollars and jail time) if we slip up.

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and was enacted in 1996. Whether you are a health care consumer or a provider, HIPAA was designed to accomplish a number of good goals.

  • Security of your health information and records
  • Assured privacy of your personal information
  • Assurance of access for you to your exam and care records
  • Improved communication between your physicians
  • And a number of other behind the scenes security measures that deal with information technology, record storage, staff authorization levels, and more.
  • (If you would like more information about HIPAA, you can visit this site: https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-individuals/guidance-materials-for-consumers/index.html

At Delta Chiropractic Center we stay on the very cutting edge of HIPAA rules and their application. We undergo regular training for both the docs and the staff.

We test our systems to make sure your health information is safe, secure, and accessible only to you.

At our most recent staff meeting we spent a significant amount of time in our annual training, and discussed current measures to assure the integrity of our systems – and your records.

As for the paperwork involved, we do our best to keep it minimal. But the law requires a certain amount of it, and the high standards to which we hold ourselves in delivering excellent care to you requires the rest of it.

You can see what that paperwork looks like at: https://lansingchiropractor.org/patient-forms/

So, it is a bit of a nuisance, but it does protect you from loss of private information.

And because of our dedication to serving you, you may rest assured, our efforts are focused on bringing you the safe, effective, high-quality care you deserve.

We invite you to join us on this journey toward maximum health. We take good care of our patients, and have a great time doing it!

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