6 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

Most people go to get a massage to relax and take it easy. There are many impacts you might not expect for massage therapy to have on your body. Keep reading to learn the six little known reasons massage therapy can help your body work better.

Massage Extra Benefit 1: Counteracts All that Sitting

Most people have poor posture. From walking patterns to how you stand, your behavior impacts the state of your body. Added to that are all the hours sitting at work or even doing repetitive motions at work. The stress from these actions builds in your shoulders and neck, leading to pain in the glutes and low back. Massages can help to return balance to your back and body, which can lead to better overall posture.

Massage Extra Benefit 2: Improve Circulation to Flush Out Toxins

A massage tends to loosen muscles and their connected tendons. Not only does this relax the muscles (more on that next), it also increases blood flow to the touched body parts. Better circulation has many impacts on the overall functioning of your body, including reducing your fatigue and improving your pain management. This increased circulation also helps to release and flush toxins stored in your muscles and throughout the body.

Note: it is a good idea to drink water after a massage to help your body flush out anything harmful.

Massage Extra Benefit 3: Easing Muscular Pain

Sore muscles get a break and some much-needed recovery from a massage. The pressure from the massage can help break up lactic acid buildup in your muscles then the added circulation helps to provide extra oxygen effectively reducing the recovery time. Much like rubbing your knee after bumping it into a door, having the masseuse put pressure on an area can help relieve soreness.

Massage Extra Benefit 4: Soothing Anxiety and Depression

Human touch – when given in a safe, open, professional manner has been linked with improving mood and providing therapeutic relaxation. According to a study in the International Journal of Neuroscience, women with breast cancer reported less depression and anger when given massage therapy.

Massage Extra Benefit 5: Better Quality of Sleep

Massages can encourage restful sleep and help allow those who struggle to sleep find comfortable rest. As massage therapy eases the muscular tension that often leads people to feel restless, they are much more likely to find a relaxing posture more readily.

Massage Extra Benefit 6: Headache Relief

If your head starts pounding, try to get in for a quick massage. Massages have decreased the frequency and intensity of headaches. People experience less pain from headaches after massage therapy as they did before it.

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