Four Tips to Lawn Care Safety

Are you keeping up with it all? I mean, after the wet spring we had, the grass (and the weeds!) are growing like mad! It seems like, as soon as I get done mowing the end of the lawn, I have to go back to the beginning and start again!

And mosquitos! While they were few and far between for the first half of the summer, they have now found us. We have come to a reasonable agreement, however. I keep swatting them, and they keep biting me.

Now, I am nobody’s idea of a lawn craftsman. My idea of lawn care is to go out and knock the weeds down every week or two. (That’s one of the reasons we live in the country. Nobody cares what my lawn looks like.)

I do, however, appreciate a fine looking lawn when I see one. And I understand the work that goes into those manicured spreads.

And even with my weedy lawn, the work needs to be done. But there are some inherent dangers in lawn work that can put a real kink in your summer.

So here are four tips to keep yourself healthy while fighting the lawn battles.

  1. Watch the twist. From pulling starter ropes, to twisting with the weed whip – try to minimize twisting.
  2. Fight the fatigue. As muscles fatigue, they lose their ability to support and protect your joints. So pace yourself. Do a bit at a time. Don’t worry, if you don’t get it done today – it will still be there for you tomorrow. LOL
  3. Hydration is for more than your plants. These hot humid days demand more sweat because the sweat you produce can’t evaporate as fast as on a dry day. So your body’s cooling mechanism has to go into overdrive and you lose water like crazy. Up your water intake.
  4. Bumps and jerks. Lawns (at least my lawn) are not flat like a golf green. As you walk or drive the micro-vibrations combined with the larger jolts can injure joints. So – slow down. It is not a race.

Alright? Now get back out there and mow!

Enjoy the season. Get the jobs done at a pace that will protect your knees, your spine, and all your joints.

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