Take Care of Your Joints and Knees with These Steps

As you start to get older, your joints begin to have more and more issues. The irritation and pain you feel in your joints and knees comes from a breakdown in the cartilage between the bones. As cartilage starts to grind away through a process called osteoarthritis, the bones rub on each other more and more leading to severe problems.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get back or regrow lost cartilage – once it’s gone, that’s it. Don’t worry, there are some steps you can take to reduce your pain, protect the cartilage you do have, and slow the damage.

Build Stronger Muscles Around Your Joints

Strength training the muscles all around your joints will help absorb the impact or strain that the area receives. The muscle will act as a buffer and cushion for your joints so your cartilage will have to take less stress. Working on the quadriceps muscles surrounding your knee will help this area be able to support your body for more extended periods.

An exercise to work on strength building in your hips, core, and legs is “step-ups.” Stand in front of a stair, rotate your body, place one foot on the first stair, step up so your other foot comes off the ground, then step back down and repeat on the other side. Do this action several times on each side.

Do Aerobic Exercises

Pain is a big motivator in not doing physical activity. However, the more you move, the less severe your pain will become. When you move around, your blood continues to flow, which helps stimulate the spread of nourishment all around your body. Aim for about 30 minutes of movement, 3-5 times per week. Try to avoid high impact activity such as running or jumping.

Slim Down

Extra weight places additional strain on your joints, especially your knees. For every pound you lose, your knees experience four fewer pounds of pressure. Through weight-loss, you can slow the process of arthritis and improve the use of your joints for years to come.

Daily Stretches and Increase Range of Motion

Stretching helps open up your joints to more significant movement potential with less stress and pain. Yoga and pilates help develop your flexibility in low-impact environments. As with getting in some exercise several times per week, try to stretch as often as you can, daily if possible.

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