Use These Tips to Relieve Your Joint Pain This Spring

After those cold winter months spent mostly indoors, spring can be an exciting time to get outside and jump back into activity. Though you might be ready to jump back into more activity, your body might not be as quick to respond. Spring is a favorite time for people to overwork themselves and report joint pain. Take our tips below to keep your body up and moving in the beautiful weather.

Tips to Relieve Your Joint Pain This Spring

Before Working out – Stretch

We know you feel pumped about getting out there, but take the time to warm your body up slowly then stretch before getting to the game or exercise. Too often people skip the warmup and stretching part of working out. Avoiding the prep work sets you up for injury and pain. Think of it this way: if you don’t take the time to stretch now, you won’t be able to do the workouts later.

Walking to Success

Going for a walk is a great way to get out and enjoy the warm weather while not stressing your body. Walking can help you stretch your legs and the rest of your joints with a soft introduction. Choose a natural trail or walk through the middle of the city for different routes and distractions.

Wear the Right Shoes

If you plan on hitting the track, the trail, or the pavement, make sure you have the right shoes. Your feet and shoes will take the entire weight of your body if you go for a walk or ramp up to running. Solving joint pain before you feel it starts with getting the best shoes suited to your activity and your feet. Make sure to get sized up first.

Popping into the Pool

One of the activities that are most forgiving for your joints that you can do is swimming. In the near-weightlessness of bobbing in the water, your body avoids the shocking impact that it would have on the ground. Swimming stretches and tones your muscles in a much safer environment. Plus, the extra resistance the water creates offers intense workout options without the grinding on your bones and joints.

The expert team at Delta Chiropractic Center of Lansing have worked with patients of all ages to relieve pain. Spring tends to bring more chances for people to experience pain, especially joint pain. Give us a call today at (517) 321-3030 to schedule a free 10-point screening.