Next Year In Jerusalem

The following is my report to the Christian Chiropractors Association following my 2019 Israel mission trip.

The four of us met in Tel Aviv, after approximately 20 hours of driving, flying and laying over. Tired but exhilarated, we set out to pick up our adjusting tables and hold our first clinic. At that first clinic, we three docs took care of 20 very appreciative spine-owners. Not a lot of quantity, but – oh, the quality of our interactions. We were able to take the time to, not only adjust spines, but have conversation about their lives, their hopes, and then to pray with them about their needs.

This set the tone for our whole trip, where we got to know one sweet person after another. Most would quickly develop enough trust with us to share heart-held matters for which we could agree with them, and with God in prayer. Sometimes we shared tears, and sometimes laughter, as we opened our hearts and shared the hope we have in Jesus.

Unlike some CCA trips, where patient interactions are tallied in hundreds, we typically saw 20 to 60 in each clinic between the three Chiropractors. This allowed us to set a comfortable pace in which we could share and pray with each one. Most were open to this. A few were not.

Our hope, in each encounter was to accomplish one of two things:

  • Share the good news and lead them to saving faith in Yeshua ha Meshiak (Jesus the Messiah).
  • Encourage brothers and sisters in Christ in their ministry.

It ends up that opportunities for sharing the gospel are rare in the holy land. The “soil is quite hard” for sowing here. But, in spite of that, we did indeed sow some seeds. We continue to pray and believe that God will grow that seed.

We also found many opportunities to encourage the members of our spiritual family tree. The front-lines believers here carry a heavy load every day that they are here. There is such stress in the atmosphere here where Arabs, Muslims, Orthodox Jews, and believers rub elbows (literally – it is a crowded place!) all day every day. News of rockets fired from Gaza, threats of terrorists, walking on egg shells with the Orthodox rulers in positions of great authority in the government – all of this wears on people who love Christ and ache to share it in this place where sharing it can get you in trouble. These dear people were so grateful that we cared enough to come – at our own expense – and offer love, health care, and encouragement to them.

But another purpose made itself clear when we were invited to Safed, a city in the far north (within spitting distance of Syria) – the center of new age and spiritism in Israel. A practicing Jewish family, who knows we come as Christians, invited us into their home to care for their friends! A miracle that we were invited. Another miracle that many of those friends came. And it was later stated by someone who knows the situation there, that by going there and caring for those people, we were “redefining Christianity for those people who have been so hurt in the name of Christ for decades”. The fact that we went and offered care with no strings attached will be instrumental in softening hearts that have had no interest in Yeshua.

We were called to bless Israel, and we did just that, one precious person at a time.

We served recent Russian immigrants, addicts in recovery, Messianic Jewish believers, Christian volunteers from China, Canada, USA, Australia, Germany and Holland, Arab believers, soldiers, “random” neighbors, and more. In all we adjusted well over 250 people, specifically praying with most of them about their hopes, fears and needs. We worshiped as a team, worshiped with Israeli nationals, witnessed their Independence Day (VERY late into the night), prayed over the nation as over 600 missiles were fired by Hamas in Gaza into southern Israel, and honored their military fallen in 2 minutes of silence in the middle of a busy work day. Even those driving, stopped and stood silent for those two minutes of solemn remembering and gratitude. We also got to visit and see many biblical sites, walk where Jesus walked, pray over His land, and worship with His chosen people.

I recorded a FaceBook live video from the open market (“Shuk”) in Jerusalem. You can see it HERE.

We were called to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and we did just that – even in the middle of rocket strikes from the south.

We held clinics in the Old City of Jerusalem, within the massive stone walls that have stood there for hundreds of years. We held clinics on the shore of Lake Kineret (The Sea of Galilee) where Jesus walked, within sight of the place where He walked on the water and stilled the storm. We held clinics in Nazereth, where He once wielded a hammer, saw and wood plane. We held clinics all over the “land He loves the most” with the “people He called His own.”

As we encountered patients from previous clinics, we heard stories of how God has used a single adjustment from 2 or 3 years ago to bring them lasting results. These stories are examples of God multiplying our brief visits, our single encounters with these patients, to bring amplified healing. I like the analogy of the loaves and fishes. We bring what we have, and God uses that offering to bring His multiplied results.

One man came to me with a grin, and reminded me that I had “cracked” his ankle two years ago. He had taken a 5-meter fall one year prior to that, had a surgical repair that had healed badly and he could not walk on it. (I am no extremity expert, by any means.) But, led by the Spirit, I tractioned his ankle, and now, two years later, he excitedly demonstrated by jumping up and down, that I had “fixed it”. We hear stories like this over and over in Israel.

Over and over, we received witness of God’s healing touch, sent through our hands. “You shall reach out with His hands to heal.” And, “Everything you touch will prosper.” These promises are real and practical, and we experience them over and over as we touch people, and they prosper.

Now I sit in the Munich, Germany airport, waiting for my 2nd of 3 flights home. Mixed feelings. I love Israel. I love my family and my practice back home. Part of my heart is tied up in blessing Israel as we are commanded. And part of me knows God has me ministering back home, too. We have such an amazing profession! We get to participate in healing precious people physically, emotionally, and spiritually.