Done With Winter Yet?

We are all tired of it. We’ve been there and done that.

But don’t put away your shovels yet. My prediction is one more snow storm of at least 5 inches sometime in April. And if you put away your shovel that will increase to at least 7 inches!

So, you have survived the shoveling and snow blowing. You’ve gotten past the slips, and icy falls with all the bruised elbows and twisted backs. You’ve healed up from the bumps and bashes, and gotten over the flu and URIs.


(But – don’t you hate the ‘buts’ of life?)

But, here comes the next season. Beautiful spring. But with that comes planting and raking, shoveling and toting. Each season seems to have its own activities that can cause spinal issues.

So, what are we to do? We do what we have to do, but we do it in ways that protect our spine.

The basic rules include:

– Minimize twisting. Move your feet, rather than twisting at the waist. (Go HERE to see a video.)

– Face squarely the objects that you need to lift. Don’t lean off center, nor reaching out in front, to lift.

– Carry smaller loads – even if it means you need to make additional trips.

– Use your tools. Wheelbarrows save backs.

And have fun. You’ve earned a lovely spring by getting through the winter with a good attitude and a smile on your face.

If you do happen to tweak your back or neck. Don’t wait. Get in for an adjustment. The longer you wait, the more inflammatory momentum we have to overcome. This translates into more visits to get it back under control.